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Social media and email info for DLFD

Author Sarah Ahrens, Written Sep 2, 2015

Some updates on social media and email contact info for me.
I’ve been slowly peeling away from use of my address, and using  If you email, it will send to
So please remove and use or

I will also be consolidating my facebook accounts.  While initially I created a personal account and a professional account, it has become redundant and unwieldy to navigate between the two, so I’ll be closing down the professional facebook account and just using my personal account.  You’re welcome to “friend” me at this account: Christopher Buja

For twitter, I have @bujacj as a personal account and @uucshdlfd for a professional account.  I use @uucshdlfd more often, sharing various articles, which were then automatically posted to the professional facebook account, and also would show up in the sidebar of the UUCSH website.  Obviously, when the professional account is shuttered, they won’t show up there.  I’ll hold on to both of these twitter accounts for the time being, and you are welcome to follow either, both, or neither.

I have yet to make much use of instagram and pinterest accounts- but would like to!  Especially to create pinterest boards for RE classes and activities, volunteer resources, parent/family activities.  Some congregations are further along in those efforts.

Any other social media you really like using that I should get in on?  I know much to at least one UUCSHer’s chagrin, I have yet to fully embrace and take advantage of Evernote…  Someday perhaps!