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Standing on the Side of Love for Marriage Equality

Author Nadine Sapirman, Written Oct 20, 2013

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There was a buzz in the air on Friday, October 18, 2013, when the news came out that the NJ Supreme Court would not halt same-sex marriages pending an appeal.  What that means is that starting tomorrow, October 21, 2013, same-sex couples will be able to obtain licenses and legally marry in the state of New Jersey.  The appeal will be heard in January, 2014.

“Did you hear the news?,” my husband asked.  “Did you hear the news?,” my friend asked.  It was time to take action.  Reverend Jennifer Kelleher was in touch with her ministerial colleagues, and then reached out to me.  I was delighted to hear that she wanted to open our church building to same-sex marriages this week.  “It’s a social justice issue,” she said.  Of course!

When the plan to have an “open house” of sorts for same-sex marriages this week was announced at the Sunday service today, the congregation applauded and cheered.  Hooray!

It’s not a permanent solution, yet.  The issue still must be heard in the courts.  An override to the governor’s veto of a same-sex marriage bill would “seal the deal” legislatively and many in this movement are still working toward that end.

I am proud and honored to be part of the leadership at the Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Somerset Hills, where we Stand on the Side of Love.