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Stories of Creation: Hinduism 4/3/16

Author Sarah Ahrens, Written Apr 5, 2016

Following our brief yoga tutorial by Lori Arrechea on Sunday 4/3/16 as part of the workshop rotation experiment, the children and youth then watched a short youtube clip telling the story of creation according to Hinduism.

While learning about yoga was an example of a practice people have created, hearing the Hindu creation story was an example of a creation myth people have created to explain how the world came to be.  The 7th principle of UUism calls us to affirm and promote the interdependent web of existence of which we are a part.  The “web of existence” can be referred to as “creation”.  And creation myths are ways people have applied the 4th principle– the affirming and promoting the responsible search for truth and meaning- to the world around them.

Each week in the workshop rotation experiment, participants will learn a spiritual/physical practice people have created, as well as hear a creation story people have created.  Children and youth can then use these practices as their own and further create themselves.  They can also create their own creation stories and begin to see the common themes and values to the many creation stories different people have created throughout history.

All of this is a way of exploring the April theme of CREATION and what it means for Unitarian Universalists to be a people of creation!
So having tried a new practice and heard a creation story, the next step for the children was to try their own hand at creating through…drama!…and…Legos?…Stay tuned!