Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Somerset Hills

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Supriya’s Bowl and the desire to help one another

Author Sarah Ahrens, Written Mar 10, 2016

The time for all ages during worship service on February 28 was a telling of the story Supriya’s Bowl.

This was the last Sunday for the February theme of desire and exploring what it means to be a people of desire.  In particular, what does it mean to be a people who desire to care for one another.

In the story, Supriya, a young girl of 9-10 years, makes the bold commitment to take her bowl around town asking for donations so that the hungry may eat during a poor harvest season.  Her courage and kindness, softened the hearts of even the most tight-fisted citizens, and the abundance of food stores were enough to provide for all until the next full harvest.

Rev. Jennifer, Lori Arrechea, and the Caring Committee invited those present to indicate what they could offer to the metaphorical bowl for the sake of caring for one another when people are facing challenging circumstances such as illness, death of a family member, declining mobility- all that comes with a community of all life stages.
Please consider what you might share to fill in the remaining gaps of care.  The sign up board will continue to be displayed in Fellowship Hall.
caring board