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UUCSH cheers on Girls on the Run 5K

Author Sarah Ahrens, Written Jun 22, 2016

Sunday June 19 was a perfect weather day for a road race and that’s just what the participants in the Girls on the Run 5K had for their Somerville race!
As many of you know, the race route goes right by UUCSH’s 123 East Cliff Street building- which can make getting to service a challenge as roads get closed off around 9 a.m. for the 9:30 a.m. start…(Here’s some more information on the national organization.)

While we could just wring our hands and shake our fists at this inconvenience, we can also make the most of the event and embrace it.
Which is just what some UUCSHers did for this race!  As I am always an early arrival to 123 East Cliff St I was able to put up the Standing on the Side of Love banner, make a poster board sign “KEEP RUNNING ON THE SIDE OF LOVE“, and write some inspirational messages with sidewalk chalk on the roadway.  A little later in the morning I was joined by the Ryan family clan who enhanced the chalk art.  A few other early UUCSHers were able to join in cheering on the runners and walkers as they came.  The participants seemed to enjoy the support and the high fives- a few folks took pics by the large banner!  Congrats to the UUCSH members and friends and their families who took part in the run- great work!

There are usually a handful of such road races throughout the year that come by UUCSH.  If there is interest, we can continue to grow into the best spot on the course for cheering!