Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Somerset Hills

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“Welcome Back”!

Author Sarah Ahrens, Written Apr 20, 2015

I was delighted and touched to turn the corner into my new office to see this “Welcome Back Mr. B” banner greeting me!  Thank you all for this kind gesture and for all the work that so many did during my sabbatical.  I have lots of notes from the personal practices, professional development, and congregational innovation I explored during sabbatical to translate into various forms in order to share with you all- including the use of this blog post.Welcome Back
As I “ease” my way back into the swing of things, I will be preaching this Sunday April 26- “Faith’s not a track meet, it’s a marathon”- exploring the confluence of my spiritual journey and running journey, in particular my cultivation of a mindfulness meditation practice during sabbatical- which I hope to continue and apply to many life activities- including running!  Ultimately I want everyone to feel inspired to take the next step in their faith journey- whatever that is for you!