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Workshop Rotation: A People of Creation…through drama!

Author Sarah Ahrens, Written Apr 6, 2016

After all children PreK through 6th grades started together for a centering activity and a story, they divided into their religious education classes- PreKK1st and 2nd-6th grades- to go into their respective workshops for that day to further explore what it means to be a people of creation.

The PreKK1st class went to a drama workshop led by Alicia Harabin with Lisa Van Fleet assisting.  Alicia has shared her passion for theater and drama for several years through the annual winter holiday pageant and this was a great opportunity to share that enthusiasm in a new way.

For the drama workshop, the children picked up from the Hindu Creation story except now they got to be the creators of their own world!  Just as in the Hindu creation story, the aspects of the universe were created out of lotus petals, the children got to draw and decorate pieces of pink construction paper cut like lotus petals and add their contribution to creation.

After they assembled their world with paper petals, the children added spoken words and hand motions to bring their world to life.  The world they created included such things as sinks with running water, love, wizards, legos, boats, more legos, people who bring food to those who need it, and super hero legos (who wouldn’t want to live in a world with lots of legos!).   Check out these photos of our “resident creators”!
So if you had the power to create the world, what would you include in it?