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Workshop Rotation: A People of Creation…through Legos!

Author Sarah Ahrens, Written Apr 6, 2016

While the PreKK1st class was exploring what it means to be a people of creation through drama, the 2nd-6th grades class was exploring through the medium of…Legos!

You could say the children got to be “master builders” (for any fans of The Lego Movie).
Mike O’Connell shared a small sampling of his family’s rather sizable collection of legos for this workshop with the help of Landon Fraley.

Mike began the workshop with a challenge to the students to think of a “six word story“- an exercise in minimalism.  Then they got to build something using only six legos.
After some time building individually, they started taking turns adding to each other’s creation.  After a minute or so adding to a project, they would pass the creation-in-progress to their neighbor, who would add to it, until finally it returned to the person who had started it.  The activity was a reminder that creation can be a collaborative process, where each contributes to the whole.  And it shows that creation can be messy and imperfect- and fun!  And what ultimately is created may be far different from its original inception.File_000File_002