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Workshop Rotation week 3 April 17

Author Sarah Ahrens, Written Apr 18, 2016

The third and final Sunday of the workshop rotation experiment was Sunday April 17.
You may have seen Rev. Jennifer’s facebook post on the dance/movement element of the workshop.  Here is the text of that post in case you missed it:

This morning in Religious Education for Children and Youth our Workshop Rotations included dance and improv. The creation story we shared, “The Origin of Life on Earth” from the Yoruba tradition, was the inspiration for this production from the Ashe’ Cultural Arts Center in New Orleans.…. Our reflection question: how do the dancers express the story through their movement?

You can also find the book, The Origin of Life on Earth, at your local library.
While Rev. Jennifer led the PreKK1st group in some tap dancing with the help of Laura Meerovich and Missy Staples, Jen Kitchen was sharing her passion for improv with the 2nd-6th grade group with the help of Shannon Smith.
And you can see more of Jen Kitchen doing improv (along with Michelle Edgar) at this upcoming event!

As this three week trial of the workshop rotation model concludes, we want to hear from those who participated in it, both children and adults.  And even if you/your children did not participate, we want to know if you heard things about it and thought, “Aw shucks, wish we got to do it, I hope we try it again some time…”
Share your feedback with Chris Buja or other members of the Religious Education Vision Team, Jennie Belmonte, Carol Brown, and Dawn Bodrogi.