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Workshops on Identity photos

Author Sarah Ahrens, Written Mar 21, 2017

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You may have seen a variety of outlines adorning the Fellowship Hall of UUCSH that bear striking resemblances to some of our younger members.  These were created during the workshops on identity on February 26.

Children got to trace their body outlines and then fill in the details of some of what make them unique, and comprise their identities.
Children and youth also got to add their unique identity descriptors to their cardboard box boomerangs with the help of resident boomerang enthusiast Peter Hansch.  Hmmm…what aspects of your identity always seem to keep coming back to you, even if you try hard to throw it away?!

Everyone also contributed an aspect of their identity- their fingerprint- to a community heart.  This shows how many individuals can come together to create a beloved community