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Worship follow up for April 17

Author Sarah Ahrens, Written Apr 18, 2016

On Sunday April 17, Rev. Jennifer and I “swapped” roles for the day- she helped out in Religious Education downstairs while I led the worship service in the sanctuary.

A few follow up notes from the worship service…

You can read my written sermon here.  Although there were some post-printing additions and ad libs, so standby for the audio version to follow.

The online article to which I was referring can be found here.
While it could be taken as yet another chastisement of parents who do not bring their children to church on a regular basis, I’d like to leave you all with a more constructive response…what are the most important takeaways of religious education and how can they be “packaged and delivered” in more ways, at more times, and in more places than an RE Class, on a Sunday morning, at 123 East Cliff St.?

A few other examples of how congregations are “re-creating” ministries are…
…going from a “concurrent RE-worship” model to a “consecutive RE-worship” model
…offering two worship services twice per month
…designating certain Sundays where “the church has left the building” to do service work

In addition to how UUCSH might re-create some of its ministries, I invited people to think what in their own lives they might like to re-create.  To do so, I suggested they come back to what their purpose in life is.  This is a big question that is explored in the Coming of Age program for 8th and 9th graders- but adult mentors to the youth also get to explore that and other questions.  So consider being a mentor and you can revisit that question for yourself!
Another venue to explore that question is through the Building Your Own Theology class- which is increasingly likely to happen in the 2016-17 congregational year.

Those at service got to “imbue” a duplo block with some quality, belief, value, passion of theirs and contribute it to a community creation.  See photos below of what was created.  Someone also created a duplo chalice!
duplo chaliceuucsh2.04.17.16