Parents of Preschoolers (POP) (activities currently on hold)

Parents of Preschoolers (POP) is a new program for parents regarding the development of faith and our values in our preschoolers. Email is sent to those families in the congregation with preschoolers, with detailed information, video links, and other materials related to each month’s topic. Topics have included “Family Culture,” “Living with Preschoolers,” and “Building Ritual.”

Each monthly topic culminates with a Parents of Preschoolers discussion group, which meets remotely at 8 pm on the fourth Tuesday of every month (scheduling may change occasionally).

Contact Jennie Belmonte, Religious Education Coordinator, for more information or to be added to the mailing list.

Parents of Little UUs (PLUUS) (activities currently on hold)

Parents of Little UUs organizes low-key gatherings for fun and fellowship. We are parents with kids ages 12 and under. We try to move around the days and times to accommodate different parents’ schedules. The events have been mostly adults-only to allow us to focus on our conversations. It’s a judgment-free zone where we can share joys, concerns, interesting articles, videos, and ideas! We support each other as friends, and plan gatherings that help us relax and recharge.

Parents Night Out, for parents of little UU's age 12 and under

Parents of Tweens and Teens (POTTS) (activities currently on hold)

If you have adolescents or teens, you may want to attend this group, which meets every 4-6 weeks to share the ups and downs of this phase of the parenting journey. Independence, responsibility, freedoms, language, dress, dating, driving, jobs, developing skills and values for life; we discuss all this and more! All parents of tweens and teens are welcome. In-person meetings are typically held in the UUCSH Fellowship Hall in a potluck dinner format (including vegan, vegetarian, and omnivore). Your suggestions for discussion topics are welcome.

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