Specific Requests

Audio Visual – If you are tech-smart & can commit to one service a month, we could use your help with Sunday morning AV. Jackie White, president@uucsh.org

Teams and Committees

Want to get more involved? Here are the groups that would welcome your participation.

Building & Grounds – The Buildings & Grounds team is responsible for caring for our beautiful building and maintaining the yard and gardens. There is an extended team that helps with activities such as lawn mowing and flower bed upkeep. Clean-ups are scheduled at multiple times during the year. For more information, contact Missy Staples, building@uucsh.org

Caring– This committee supports the congregation in times of need and in times of joy. Support ranges from sending kind notes to arranging for home-cooked meals, transportation to medical appointments, and addressing other needs.  caring@uucsh.org

Community Plate – During every worship service and special event, we pass baskets for a free-will donation. We donate 50% of these collections to social organizations both in our community and in the larger world. If you wish to suggest an organization to be a recipient or if you are interested in joining the Community Plate team, contact Brent White, CommunityPlate@uucsh.org

Finance – The Finance Committee is responsible for the congregational budget and managing finances throughout the year. If you have questions or if you are interested in joining the committee, contact Frank Hershkowitz, treasurer@uucsh.org.

FLASH – Future Leaders at Somerset Hills is our senior high youth group. If you have questions about this group or wish to get more information, please check the FLASH page or contact the advisors at FLASH@uucsh.org.

Giving Network – An all-volunteer outreach program which makes hundreds of deliveries annually of food, furniture, and household goods to families in need across Somerset County. For more information, contact Paul Shaw or Mark Allison, call 908-927-9001, or email givingnetwork@gmail.com.

Green Sanctuary Team – Dedicated to being good steward of the earth, the Green Sanctuary team works to promote clean energy, reduce waste, and encourage recycling. For more information on their initiatives or to get involved in their activities,

Membership – The membership team welcomes visitors and ensure that they have access to information about our congregation. They also help connect newcomers to people within the congregation who have similar interests. If you are interested in joining the membership team, contact Melanie Davis, membership@uucsh.org.  If you are already a member and would like to sign up for more “shifts”, please do so here.

Religious Exploration – This includes Coming of Age, Neighboring Faiths, Our Whole Lives (OWL) Sexuality Education, & Campus Ministry. For more information on the RE programs and how to get involved, contact Sarah Ahrens, DRE@uucsh.org.

Service Auction – The annual Service Auction, held in November, is our largest fundraiser and a great party! If you are interested in being part of the planning team, contact Jackie White, president@uucsh.org.

Social Action – Social justice is core to our identity as a congregation. If you want to get more involved in helping plan activities and events, contact Michelle Edgar, justice@uucsh.org.

Stewardship – Every pledge is vitally important. All that we do at UUCSH depends on the financial support of our members and friends through pledges made during the annual Stewardship campaign. Scott Kitchen, stewardship@uucsh.org

Worship Associates – Worship associates assist the minister in planning and conducting worship services. They also are responsible for conducting lay-led services and for working with outside speakers. If you are interested in learning more about being a worship associate, please speak with the minister (minister@uucsh.org) or WorshipAssociates@uucsh.org.