Shine Brightly

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Imagine that you are stars. You are the ones who together shine bright indicating the way. 

You may know there is no one savior. No one hero or heroine. There are millions of sparkling stars, all different sizes.

There is no one baby, no one Joseph, or Mary. There are actually throngs of people who join together this night and every night, and every day, to make sure there is a path forward. A path of peace and good will, of good will and cheer.

You are among the throngs, never alone, always shining bright. Always holding out the light that lasts, that has lasted all this time and will continue for eternity. We celebrate that Love that is born again and again and again. That we are part of the light of Love. The light that will heal this world and bring peace and goodwill.

So, I ask you to shine brightly not only tonight, when you hold your (electric) candle inside this room, but as you go forth from this night. To remember that you are not just the parents of babies, nor the shepherds in the fields, nor the angels in the sky; you are the light. Always the light.

Let yourself shine brightly, leading the way.

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