Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Somerset Hills

Open minds, loving hearts, helping hands

Becoming a Member

Unitarian Universalism (UU) is a religion that celebrates diversity of belief and is guided by seven principles. This congregation allows us to gather in worship, service and fellowship to nurture our spirits and put our faith into action.

The UUCSH welcomes visitors, friends (visitors who come regularly) and new members. We will always invite you to become a member, but we do not require it for your participation in worship or programming, classes or activities.

Membership is required if you wish to vote at our annual or special meetings. It is also required for access to a members-only area of this website, which we use to store our member directory, birthday notices and similar information.

The UU religion does not have a formal conversion process and does not require you to renounce other religious affiliations or practices. Becoming a UU is a matter of self-identification.

If you are considering membership in this congregation, please consider attending a two-hour UU Basics class. The class consists of brief presentations of UU and UUCSH history; introductions to our staff and their roles; and opportunities for you to ask questions and to share your own background and interests. The class will help you decide whether this congregation is a good fit for you, since every congregation has a unique personality.

You are also welcome to review the UUCSH Bylaws and learn how this congregation is run.
We invite you to speak to our minister or drop by the Welcome Table in our lobby to learn more about membership in the UUCSH. We welcome your interest and questions!