Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Somerset Hills

Open minds, loving hearts, helping hands

Visitor FAQ

What should I wear?

At our services and events, people wear everything from shorts and jeans to business attire. Please wear whatever you’re comfortable in.

Can my children come with me?

Yes! They can join you in the service or attend children’s Religious Education classes with a friend or their own age group. We offer childcare in our Nursery for very young children. If you choose to visit or remain with your child in the Nursery, you can hear the service on an audio monitor.

Are your building and services accessible to people with disabilities?

YES!  Our building was recently renovated to be accessible to people with mobility limitations.  For people with vision and hearing limitations, we offer large-print Orders of Service and assisted-listening devices.  Just ask the usher or person at the Welcome Table.

What happens during a Sunday service?

Services include announcements, music, readings, meditation, and a 20-minute sermon. during the closing words of each service, we hold hands. If you don’t like to hold hands, that’s OK; you can put your hand on the shoulder of your neighbor instead.  After the service ends, please join us for coffee, tea and snacks during Coffee Hour in Fellowship Hall downstairs.

Do I have to sing?

No, but you’re welcome to join in singing hymns. We have two hymnals, gray and teal. They are stored in the racks in front of each pew. If you’re in a front pew, your hymnals will be on a shelf under your pew.

Do I have to pray?

We usually have a period of meditation, either guided or silent. If you wish to pray during this time, you may.

What are Joys and Concerns?

A small book is on the desk in our church foyer. You are welcome to write down a joy (happy thing) or concern (something that worries you) for our minister to read aloud during the service.

Will I be asked to introduce myself?

You won’t be singled out during the service. If you’re open to it, we will introduce you to people individually during Coffee Hour.

Where are the restrooms?

Four restrooms are located downstairs.  To access the two single-stall ones, exit through the rear of the sanctuary, go down the stairs and you’ll find the restrooms in the short hallway in front of you (by the kitchenette).  The two multiple-stall ones are conveniently located by the elevator.

Will I have to sign anything?

No. We’ll invite you to sign up for emails, and we’ll invite you to wear a name tag, but you aren’t obligated to do either.

Do I have to donate money or make a pledge?

During the Sharing of Gifts portion of the service, a basket will be passed. Half of the money collected supports the church; half is donated to a charitable cause announced during the service. If you would prefer not to donate, simply pass the basket to the next person.