Community Plate/Sunday Collection

During worship services and special events, we pass baskets for free-will donations. We donate 50% of these collections to federally tax-exempt nonprofit organizations, both in our community and in the larger world, whose missions and values mesh well with our UU Principles.


Here are some of the organizations to whom we have donated:

  • Elijah’s Promise
  • FISH Hospitality Program
  • Food Bank Network of Somerset County
  • Giving Network
  • Interfaith Hospitality Network
  • Safe+Sound Somerset
  • Samaritan Homeless Interim Program
  • UU Faith Action New Jersey
  • Visions and Pathways

We’ve also donated plate collection money to support statewide causes and relief efforts in times of national or international tragedies, as well as to organizations that serve UU ministers and religious educators.

To contact members of the Community plate team send an email to

Each One, Feed One

Each week, we collect food at Sunday services, which volunteers from the Giving Network pick up and take to the food banks in our area. Please bring a canned or boxed food item each Sunday and place it in the baskets on the front dais during the offertory. If you are a family of 4, please consider bringing 4 items.

Annual Pledge

UUCSH does not mandate a specific giving level. Rather, we encourage members and friends to give as generously as possible financially, leaving it to individuals and families to define the amount of their Annual Pledge. For giving guidelines, we recommend the Unitarian Universalist Association “Fair Share” guide for financial commitments. The Fair Share Giving guide provides suggested pledge amounts based on a graduated percentage of income.


Our stewardship campaign typically runs from mid-March to mid-April. During the campaign, members and friends are asked to make a financial pledge to support the on-going ministry of the congregation. As we strive to discover how we will translate our mission — Explore Spirituality, Engage Community, Transform the World — into action, we also work to ensure that we have the financial resources to support new ideas, as well as to continue those things that mean so much to our congregation.