The UUCSH Caring Ministry Team supports the congregation in times of need and in times of joy.  Support ranges from sending kind notes to arranging for home-cooked meals, transportation to medical appointments, and addressing other needs.  To submit a caring request for yourself or someone else, contact  In addition, if you have a joy or concern that you would like to share with the congregation, you may write it in the notebook located on the desk in the entranceway by the front door.  Your message will be read during the Sunday Service.  You may also send your concern privately to the Caring Ministry Team.

When to call the minister . . .

  • The minister is available to help you 24 hours a day. You should never hesitate to call in an emergency, at any hour.
  • You are not “bothering” the minister with your problems. You are not taking time away from “more important” things I have to do. You are the important thing I have to do. One reason I am your minister is to be of help to you. That is what my time is for.
  • A minister cannot know when s/he is needed. You need to tell me. Don’t assume that I “already know”, and don’t be offended if I don’t know and you haven’t told me.

You might call your minister when . . .

  • Someone is in the hospital or is going to be
  • Someone is homebound and would like to be visited
  • There is a death in the family
  • You wish to discuss funeral arrangements ahead of time
  • You have children to be christened or dedicated
  • You have personal problems or family difficulties and need someone to talk to (your communication with me is confidential)
  • You want to get married
  • You don’t want to be married
  • You are arrested, in jail, or facing other legal difficulties
  • You have an important decision to make as to employment, education, etc.
  • You are angry with the minister and/or upset about something at church
  • You have friends in mind who might be interested in our church
  • You want to talk about religion
  • You do not yet know the minister and would like to get acquainted
  • You feel like going out for a beer and can’t think of anyone
  • You think the minister needs a beer
  • You simply need to talk

Dr. Rev. Len De Roche
610-360-4001 (mobile)