Our Annual Stewardship campaign is a time when members and friends make a commitment to support UUCSH during the upcoming fiscal year. We call that commitment a “pledge.” Our 2024 stewardship campaign will run from March 17 to April 14. When the campaign is over, new members or anyone who missed the campaign can still use the button below to make a pledge for 2024-25 Fiscal Year. 

2024 Stewardship Campaign:
Lighting the Path Forward Together

The Annual Stewardship Campaign is the time of year when we reflect on why we’ve made UUCSH our spiritual home. We take the time to consider how it enriches our lives and the lives of the community around us. And we decide how we would like to give back to UUCSH with our time, talents, and financial support.

This year, our Stewardship Campaign is titled Lighting the Path Forward Together. We have come through the pandemic a stronger, more vibrant congregation and have continued to thrive as we fully adjusted to a three-quarter-time minister. We are ready to work together to face the challenges in front of us.

Stewardship is a time to reflect on why we’ve chosen UUCSH as our spiritual home. It calls us to consider how UUCSH enriches our lives and the lives of the community around us. Part of this consideration is deciding how we can give back to UUCSH with our time, talents, and funds, in order to support our beloved faith community.

Lighting – The lit chalice first became a symbol of Unitarian Universalism during World War II as a symbol to “light the way” toward peace and freedom. With our world facing existential challenges (climate change, political divisiveness, racial unrest, to name a few), it is particularly appropriate that we remind ourselves of the important role Unitarian Universalists can play in lighting the way toward a more peaceful, just world.

The Path Forward – We are well along on our path to developing a thriving, sustainable congregation, prepared to support each other and the community around us. Some of the exciting opportunities on the path ahead of us:

  • Welcoming a new minister to our loving community;
  • Fully supporting our little food pantry and keeping it stocked regularly;
  • Continuing to give 100% of our plate collections to worthy partner organizations to continue to transform the world;
  • Hosting lunches in our building to feed those in need in our community;
  • Enhancing our front garden;
  • Revitalizing our Religious Education program through shared classes with other congregations as well as our own classes.

We plan to continue to pay our staff at UUA recommended salary levels. This will cost us 8% more next year. The 8% includes a 5% increase due to the UUA’s decision to move our congregation onto a salary scale reflecting locally higher cost of living plus a 3% increase due to inflation.

Together – The enthusiasm of our members, the talents of our many volunteers, and the generosity of each of us all are needed to foster the program growth that will allow us to build upon the great work we have done in recent years. Here are some examples of the amazing things we have all already accomplished together:

  • Rejuvenating our RE program for adults and children with the help of Rev. Ann Marie and REC Jennie Belmonte;
  • Bringing our attendance in line with pre-pandemic numbers;
  • Creating a beautiful pollinator garden;
  • Re-establishing an active choir with our new choir director, Julie Buehler.

The light and warmth from UUCSH’s chalice burns in each of us, and even more powerfully, in ALL of us! With your help and support, we will have the fuel (of the most environmentally-friendly kind) to build a flame that will allow us to truly light the path forward, together.

Information on how to pledge is below. One of our Stewards will be in touch soon to answer any questions you may have. Thank you for your continued generosity!

How do I return my pledge form?

When you are ready, click on the link below and fill out our digital pledge form!

If you would like us to arrange automatic monthly donations from checking, please print this electronic giving form, fill it out, and bring or mail it to UUCSH (not needed if you are already enrolled, just indicate that you want to continue on the online pledge form). Or if you prefer, you may arrange your own monthly donations using the Vanco on the Give Now page, or with the Vanco app.

What if I have questions during the Stewardship campaign?

Please contact [email protected].

Key Stewardship Dates in 2024

Stewardship Kickoff: March 17

Pledge Sunday: April 14

Stewardship Campaign Ends: April 14

Our Annual Meeting: May 19