Getting It Right

Our 2022 stewardship campaign begins on Sunday, March 20. Read more about it in the description on this page. Then use the button below to pledge using the online form. You can arrange automatic monthly giving by submitting this form.

The world has certainly changed a lot in the course of our congregation’s history, and our “little church that could” has always remained strong by embracing those changes to make sure we continue to “get it right.” That means:

New members Sharon and Tony Tagliaferro with Rev. Ann Marie Alderman
  • Getting it right” for our members, our community, and for our UU faith. As recent new member Tony Tagliaferro told us, it just “feels right” to be a part of our congregation. Stewardship is a great time to reflect on all the wonderful things this congregation represents, and how that makes us feel.
Giving Network Volunteers ready to make a delivery
  • Pursuing the “right changes” to keep our Congregation vibrant in the future, while preserving our traditions (and all the things we do well). In the last year, we’ve taken full advantage of our wise video technology investments, and successfully embraced the new hybrid worship model. And in the coming year, starting with the work of our Right Size Task Force, we’re at the forefront of proactively embracing new shared worship models in partnership with neighboring congregations that will help broaden our impact and sustain us into the future.
  • Being in “right relationship” with each other and with the Congregation. Pledging your financial support to this congregation is part of being in right relationship, and it feels good!

Our goal in this year’s campaign is to raise enough money to continue:

  • Funding our thriving set of UUCSH ministries and events
  • Giving away 100% of our plate collection to community organizations that align with our values and can amplify our voices
  • Supporting UU FaithAction New Jersey on state-wide social justice issues, and The Giving Network to support our local community
  • Investing in our building and abilities to help respond to local emergencies like Hurricane Ida with both money and manpower
  • Compensating our awesome minister and staff according to UUA Fair Compensation Guidelines
Nancy and Raymond Brungard performing at an outdoor service

Please give as generously as you can, but most importantly, give until it feels right! That will help us in “Getting It Right.”  You can find information on how to pledge below. Our visiting stewards will be reaching out to answer any questions you may have. Thank you for your generosity!

Our youth helping with our Native Plant Garden
Gathering outdoors at our building

How do I return my pledge form?

When you are ready, click on the link below and fill out our digital pledge form!

You can also ask your visiting steward for a paper form and mail it to the office, or join us on April 10, Pledge Sunday, for help with the digital form or a paper form. If you would like us to arrange automatic monthly donations from checking, please print this form, fill it out, and bring or mail it to UUCSH (not needed if you are already enrolled, just indicate that you want to continue on the online pledge form). You can arrange your own monthly donations using the Vanco on the Give Now page, or with the Vanco app.

What if I have questions?

One of our visiting stewards will contact you at the beginning of the Stewardship Campaign to answer any questions you may have. Or you can reach out to this year’s Stewardship Chair, Wynn Schulz, at [email protected].

Key Stewardship Dates in 2022

March 20:
Stewardship Kickoff

April 10:
Pledge Sunday

April 17:
Stewardship Campaign Ends

May 22:
Our Annual Meeting