The Call You Cannot Refuse

Sometimes our faith is accused of being too easy – people say, “you can believe anything you want!”  A parent once asked me why being a Unitarian Universalist was any different from being a good Scout.  What does our faith call us to do and to be? To what are we so committed that refusal is impossible? Join us for this intriguing worship service led by Rev. Carol Schwartz Haag. Music by Will Magalio.

Carol retired after 13 years as the religious educator (DRE and MRE) with Beacon UU Church in Summit, NJ. Since then, she has served on the Murray Grove board, as member, President, and currently chairs its Stewardship Committee.  She is a strong advocate for Universalism as the central, vital force in our Unitarian Universalist movement. She believes that Universalism embodies the critical message of inclusion for our time. 50% of the collection plate this Sunday will be donated to Murray Grove.